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Reusable Ligation Devices for Oesophageal Varices
  • For firm and precise varix ligation
  • Allows as many loops as required to be placed with only a single intubation
  • Excellent endoscopic view
  • To be used with transparent mucosal resection cap and single nylon loops
The device is designed for Refined Reprocessing (reuseable, autoclavable)This device has a luer-lock connector or cleaning adaptor for flushing
Article number Quantity Min. Working Channel ø Working
Loop ø Color of Loop Holder and Box For Use
Area Compatibility
HX-21L-1 026313 1 main body 2.8 mm 1650 mm - - MA-479, MAJ-339 For upper GI endoscopy
MAJ-339 026312 10 loops - - 13 mm Pink HX-21L-1 For upper GI endoscopy
MA-479 026951 1 handle - - - - HX-21L-1 -

QuickClip Pro

The new QuickClip Pro for convenient and reliable hemostasis of upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding is hereby introduced. Due to its outstanding features, this hemostatic clip helps to maximize the efficacy of the clipping procedure by keeping tissue damage and the risk of rebleeding to a minimum.

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CleverCut 3V

The C-Channel optimized for VisiGlide supports effortless device exchange for short-wire or traditional over-the-wire technique. It is designed for use in combination with the VisiGlide line of guidewires to enable smoother and easier instrument exchange.

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Balloon Dilation


The EZDilate 3-stage balloon dilatation catheters are available in a full range of fixed wire and wire-guided size options for use in esophageal, pyloric, colonic, and biliary applications. These semi-compliant, multi-stage balloons are designed to dilate strictures in three controlled progressive steps (three distinct diameters at three separate pressures).

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