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Reusable Biopsy Valves
This device is autoclavable
Article number Quantity Endoscope Compatibility Description Description/ Specifications
MB-358 028794 10 Gastro-, colono-, and duodenoscopes: OES 10, 20, 30, 40, E-Line, EVIS 100, 130, 140, 145, 160, 165, 180, 185, 170, 190, 200, 230, 240, 260, 290, V-Class
Ultrasonic endoscopes: GF-UM20, -UM130, -UMQ130, -UM160, -UE160-AL5, JF-UM20, CF-UM20, MH-908 blind probe
Semidisposable biopsy valve -
MAJ-419 028593 10 Gastroscopes: GIF-2T160
Colonoscopes: CF-2T160I/L
Biopsy valve -
MAJ-579 028985 1 Choleodochoscopes: CHF-BP30
Cystoscopes: CYF-5, -5A, -V, -VA, CYF-V2, -VA2, -VH
Biopsy valve Valves
MD-495 028899 10 Bronchoscopes: OES 20, 20D, 30, 40, 60, E2, EVIS 160, 180, 170, 190, 200, 240, 260, 290, MAF-TM
Ultrasonic bronchoscopes: BF-UC160F, -UC180F
Pleuroscopes: LTF-160
Nonsterile biopsy valve -
MB-884 028848 1 Bronchoscopes: OES 20
Rhinolaryngoscopes: ENF-T3
Tracheal intubation scopes: LF-T
Syringe valve -
MAJ-853 N5363700 10 Ultrasonic endoscopes: GF-UC30P, -UC140P-AL5, -UCT140-AL5, -UC160P-OL5, -UCT160-OL5, -UCT140-DO5, -UMD140P, -UC160P-AT8, -UCT160P-AT8, -UCT180 Nonsterile biopsy valve -

QuickClip Pro

The new QuickClip Pro for convenient and reliable hemostasis of upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding is hereby introduced. Due to its outstanding features, this hemostatic clip helps to maximize the efficacy of the clipping procedure by keeping tissue damage and the risk of rebleeding to a minimum.

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CleverCut 3V

The C-Channel optimized for VisiGlide supports effortless device exchange for short-wire or traditional over-the-wire technique. It is designed for use in combination with the VisiGlide line of guidewires to enable smoother and easier instrument exchange.

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Balloon Dilation


The EZDilate 3-stage balloon dilatation catheters are available in a full range of fixed wire and wire-guided size options for use in esophageal, pyloric, colonic, and biliary applications. These semi-compliant, multi-stage balloons are designed to dilate strictures in three controlled progressive steps (three distinct diameters at three separate pressures).

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