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Reusable alligator cup biopsy forceps
  • For biopsies of tough tissue
  • Alligator jaws to prevent slippage
The device is designed for Refined Reprocessing (reuseable, autoclavable)This device is visible under fluoroscopic control
Article name Article number Quantity Min. working channel ø Working length Features Area compatibility
FB-15C-1 026645 1 2,0 mm 1050 mm - For bronchoscopy ENT
FB-15K-1 026646 1 2,0 mm 1550 mm - For upper GI endoscopy
FB-36C-1 026656 1 2,8 mm 1050 mm Fenestrated For bronchoscopy
FB-36K-1 026657 1 2,8 mm 1550 mm Fenestrated For upper GI endoscopy


The VisiGlide single-use guidewire for ERCP, developed in cooperation with Terumo, stands out with the innovative concept of a 0.025-inch guidewire: its features a soft and highly flexible tip combined with the right guidewire shaft stiffness for easy therapeutic instrument exchange. Superior cannulation performance now combined with the capability for smooth device exchange in one guidewire.

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QuickClip 2

The 1-to-1 rotation mechanism of the Quick Clip 2 ensures more accurate targeting of the site, providing more efficient and successful Haemostasis. The design of the longer clip arms allow for a large opening width, enabling more tissue to be grasped at one time. Haemostasis is achieved by applying pressure to the target site.

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ViziShot EBUS-TBNA needles for high yield in the areas of lymph node staging, cell block sampling for definition of tumour histotype and diagnosis of central lung tumours:

- 22G needle for wider accessibility
- 21G needle for more yield and optimal stiffness for smooth penetration
- Specially dimpled needle tip for excellent visibility on ultrasound image
- Compact needle design for easy handling

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